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What to know before buying a gate .. 


The first thing you must decide before buying a gate is the specific use for it. A gate designed for security purposes must be tall enough to keep unwanted people from entering your property. A short gate is perfect to define a property line. A driveway gate could be used to stop cars from entering a property while still allowing people to walk through.



What material to use in your gate is the defining point for the design possibilities. The material is also the main contributor for a gate longevity and maintenance. The most common materials to fabricate gates are: Wood, Wrought iron/steel and Aluminum.

Wood gates while allowing a full spectrum of design possibilities, it will require more maintenance and ultimately its life span will be shorter. Wrought iron/steel gates are sturdier then wood and they have been traditionally used over the years to fabricate the ultimate security gates. The steel gates will last several generations if maintained properly. The price paid is mostly weight and maintenance.

Aluminum is perhaps the most balanced material of all to build a durable, strong yet durable gate. Its light-weight, corrosion resistance and manageability makes it the ideal material for an artistic gate.


Gate type

Once you know the use and the material to be used, you must decide on the type of gate. This will primarily depend on the size and location restrictions.



The type of automation will depend entirely on the previous decisions. At this point you should know the use, material and type of gate to be used. Now, we can estimate the weight and range of motion required.



We produce high quality finished products.

Our finishing techniques, controls and automation allow for a higher quality in finished products.


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